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Phil Collins - Since I Lost You

saffi01 | 05:16 | 5,083,696

While producing the album We Can't Dance, the Genesis band members Phil Collins, Tony Banks and Mike Rutherford were informed of Eric Clapton's...

I Loved Her First Lyrics

SuperPeachGurl109 | 03:31 | 42,342,052

this song is made by Heartland enjoy i bet if my mom heard this song she would play it at my wedding in the father daughter dance :D Lol

Lee Brice - The Best Part Of Me

Lee Brice | 03:27 | 2,131,953

This latest track “The Best Part of Me” is all Trulee's. Check out my new self-titled album available now: SUBSCRIBE now to this...

My little girl - Tim McGraw

sara81970 | 03:39 | 29,356,659

This song is amazing and beautiful in every way possible .... My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person, he believed in...